Myth #5: ADHD Exists To Make Big Pharma Rich

"ADHD Exists To Make Big Pharma Rich" Conspiracy theorists take note: The discovery that neurostimulant medications can mitigate ADHD symptoms happened accidentally. In 1937. And, it took 50 years for the discovery to make its way widely into clinical practice. (Chapter 20 of my book, Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? explains … Read More

ADHD and sex

Chapter 6: ADHD and Sex

By Taylor J Now we arrive at Chapter 6: "Peaks and Valleys: ADHD in the Bedroom."  That is, ADHD and sex. ADHD and Finances nearly destroyed our marriage. … Read More

You Me and ADHD book club

Chapter 5: Driving to Destruction

By Taylor J. My husband drove a 1979 Ford Bronco for most of our marriage. (That is, until it caught fire in a Home Depot parking lot. He saved the burned-out shell … Read More

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