medication for pilots who have ADHD

Treat Pilots for “Depression” But Not ADHD: A Dangerous Practice?

One of this blog's most-read posts is about airplane pilots with ADHD: "No Rx for Commercial Airline Pilots with ADHD?"  Now we have a timely reminder of this topic's importance with the emerging news about the German airline pilot who drove the plane into an Alpine mountaintop, killing all on board. The upshot of that post: … Read More

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous And ADHD

Almost 30 years ago, I attended my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. It wasn't for me but for my roommate. And she went only to snag a good seat at the meeting … Read More

dopamine, empathy, and ADHD

ADHD, Empathy, and Dopamine

Yet another new study suggests a connection between dopamine and cognitive empathy. (I'll define cognitive empathy  in a minute.) Taken with other research, the … Read More