ADHD Roller Coaster Named Top Blog 2015 has named ADHD Roller Coaster a "Top ADHD Blog" for 2015, writing: Being an adult with ADHD is like riding a roller coaster. So says ADHD Roller Coaster blogger and adult ADHD expert Gina Pera. After her husband was diagnosed as an adult, Pera made it her mission to help shed light on the too often unrecognized … Read More


Strattera: Free Savings Card

If you or a loved one takes Strattera for ADHD, you might want to check out this new promotion from the manufacturer, Lily. (Please note: I have no business ties to … Read More


Introducing “Ask Dr. Goat”

  In case you missed it, my husband has ADHD. Diagnosed in 1999. He is also a molecular biologist, and his former girlfriend is a neurosurgeon. But who … Read More


A-choo! IgG, Immunity, and ADHD

  A-choo! It's spring, and my husband is sneezing in the next room as I write. Is there a connection between seasonal allergies and ADHD? Maybe. You'll learn … Read More

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